Mobile Factors Influence on Auto Shoppers

By | February 3, 2014

There is no need to tell about mobile devices’ influence on life today. These almost become the substitutes for the desktops and laptops. By accessing internet and other comfortable features with the smartphones, people are able to do research on the spot through the internet or they even taking the help from others by calling. Coming to the automotive, throughout the purchasing process, shoppers are using mobile devices to find the information, advice and to do research.

  • Auto shoppers are increasingly looking for information on their mobile devices: In-market shoppers are increasingly looking for the information on their mobile devices. Shoppers those who are using their mobile devices for car or truck information, later purchased and the percentage is gradually increasing year over year. In the year, 2011 only 6% of the users purchased. In 2012, it raised to 26% and to the next year 2013 increased to 35%, it is +460% growth.
  • Turning to mobile for research and comparison: Shoppers turn to mobile devices on a variety of comparison and research activities. The following are mobile actions taken while shopping.
    • 44 percent are viewed images of cars or trucks. It is growing +47% year over year.
    • 39 percent called dealership and read consumer reviews.
    • 38 percent checked for current offers.
    • 38 percent located dealership. It is increasing +46% year over year.
    • 37 percent read general car or truck information.
    • 37 percent compared vehicles and it is on rise of +57% year over year.
    • 35 percent read auto reviews, features and specs.
    • 29 percent searched for the dealer’s inventory.
  • Mobile actions of shoppers on the dealer lot: The auto shoppers are performed different activities at a dealership.
    • During comparison or research of the vehicles, 36% reviewed a description of a specific model, 34% looked at consumer generated reviews, and 27% contacted someone to get their opinion.
    • Even after the shoppers are ready to buy, they used mobile devices for different purposes. 42% for checking the price of a truck or car, 36% for looked up dealership address or working hours and 32% checked for discounts or offers.
  • Ad server softwareMobile and tablet ads prompt shoppers to take action: The digital ads on both mobile phones and tablets are effectively prompting customers. Most shoppers take three options. These are contacting the advertiser, visiting the advertiser’s website, and visiting the dealership stores.

The research results are showing that auto shoppers extensively use mobile phones and tablets during purchasing process. So, it is indicating to the auto dealerships necessity to focus on mobile compatible websites and applications to capture the emerging trends.

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