Possible Faults In Fuel Supply System

By | February 5, 2014

Internal combustion engines require a fuel delivery system that should not only supply fuel to the engine but also mix it with the correct amount of air fuel pump problemsto create an explosive mixture that burns efficiently.

Let us discuss some of the faults that may occur, which causes low performance in both diesel and petrol engine vehicles.

Low Pressure

  • A fuel leak is one of the causes of low fuel pressure. This problem can be identified without the need of having to install a fuel pressure gauge.
  • A bad fuel pump in the fuel tank is also one of the reasons for low fuel pressure.
  • The cause of low oil pressure is excessive clearance in the fuel pump.
  • Another reason for low fuel pressure is cloggedup fuel filter.

If you want to know how to fix low fuel pressure, the initial place you should start with is a dip stick. Give it a wipe and place it inside. Pull it out and see the level of oil appears on the markers. All dip sticks will have two levels of marking. One mark is to indicate the minimum amount of oil in the engine. Anything within those parameters is acceptable. If there is enough oil appearing on the dip stick, the problem lies elsewhere. If there is scant less oil than there should be, then you have a leak or you may be burning too much oil.

Fuel filter problem
The engine consistently turns off when driving at high speeds, it means fuel filter may be partially clogged.

The rough engine operation at idle speed can also be a reason for fuel filter problem. A rough idle condition is caused by too much engine combustion due to a severely soiled filter blocking the normal fuel flow and movement.

It is quite common problem for a vehicle with a dirty fuel filter to run perfectly at high engine speeds. It also suffers at low engine speeds. This is caused by the differences in fuel flow pressure between high and low engine speeds. During high engine speeds, the fuel pump pressure is sufficient to force the engine fuel through the obstructed fuel filter and into the engine. At low engine speeds, fuel flow pressure is not strong enough to overcome the fuel filter obstruction, which causes poor engine performance.

Fuel injector problems
Issues in fuel injectors can lead to poor performance or failure of the engine. Fuel injectors can cause of of problem when there are cracks outside the injector body. the cracks can result in leakage of fuel, therefore there is flow via the nozzle. This leads low efficiency of the engine.

Spark plug problem

  • If the vehicle is consuming more fuel, it’s indicative that the spark plug is in bad condition.
  • Look out for carbon deposits on the plug. The presence of this is an indication that the plug needs to be changed without any delay.
  • When a vehicle sucks in more air than usual in the combustion process it can cause vehicle to slow down or continuously start and stop, which means the engine is working inefficiently. This is also known as engine hesitation.
  • If engine oil is getting into the spark plugs from worn piston rings or valve guides, it is the indicative of a spark plug problem.

These are possible problems that you are going to face in your car. Make sure to follow you do appropriate and timely maintenance so that you could avoid them.

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