Factors that Make Dental Implant Treatment Successful

By | January 20, 2014

As dental implants are becoming increasingly popular, many people have higher expectations with dental implant surgery. There are many factors that contribute towards the healthy and successful dental implants and in this article, we will discuss the same.

Factors that make dental implant treatment successful

Some common elements that your dentist will look for having dental implants are:
1) Oral health
An important key factor in a successful dental implant surgery is your oral health. A good oral hygiene should be maintained in order to ensure overall success of dental implants. Your suitability for having dental implants is determined by the dentist during the initial examinations.

2) A healthy jawbone
For having dental implants, the candidate must have a healthy jawbone. When there are missing teeth in the jaw, over the time jawbone gets shrink, which will not be good for implant. Adequate bone volume and quality is required for the success of dental implant and dental implants requires solid base as there is lot of pressure exerted when placing the dental implant body and needs to be fused with the jawbone. Moreover, to ensure the success of dental implant, one needs to have a healthy jawbone.

3) Good Overall Health
Since placing dental implants requires a surgical process, it is essential for the patient to be in good health. People who have immune disease like uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension and the people who are heavy smokers or consume alcohol on regular basis usually have less chances of success with dental implants, as these conditions lowers the oral health thus affecting the healing process.

4) Dentist Skill and Experience
The surgeon plays a major role in the success of dental implant procedure. A dental implantologist should be highly skilled and experienced. Several postgraduate training courses are taken by the dentist in order to gain more knowledge and experience for undertaking dental implant surgery successfully. The dentist’s track record of successful dental implant treatments can give you an idea about how successful your dental implants will be.

5) Implant system used
The system in dental implants used will affect greatly in the success of the treatment. The use of reliable system of dental implant that are proved to be high successful will reduce the risk of dental implant failure. There is long-term stability, superior quality and greater aesthetic value with trusted implant system used.

Knowing these factors could help you decide whether to go for dental implant procedure and judge the likelihood of its success.


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