Importance and Process of Recruitment

By | November 4, 2013

Recruitment is a process where one has to identify and hire the best candidate for the job profile. It involves attracting, screening and selecting an appropriate candidate for the job.

Importance of recruitment
For any business, recruitment is an essential part. It helps in finding the right candidate for the job. Recruitment is important for businesses in following ways :

  • To identify and hire the best candidate for the job
  • Present and future requirements of business is determined with job analysis activities
  • Success rate of selection process is increased
  • To identify and prepare job applicants who are potential and will be appropriate candidates
  • Employers are linked with employees.

Process of recruitment
The process of recruitment involves the following ways:

  • Understanding what you need: You should know the way you want to create your organization and the type of person you require.
  • Writing a description for the job: Describe the job; define the role, the responsibilities and tasks involved, opportunities and challenges involved and the type of person suitable for your organization.
  • Taking decision depending on selection process: You should know how you will be selecting candidates. For some companies, selection process is done online and some select by taking interviews directly. Interviews can be the best selection tool as it can predict and assess performance capability.
  • Identifying sources and launching a search: Now you need to think about where to find a suitable candidate.
    • You can advertise in newspapers or hire a recruitment agency.
    • Social media sources that are very popular like twitter, facebook, linkedIn, etc., can also be used to attract candidates.
  • Shortlisting of candidates: Identify the candidate that meets the company’s requirement and shortlist them.
  • Making selection: Once the candidates are shortlisted, you will have a process that will allow you to interview, assess, reference check, etc., the candidate.
  • Offering: Now when you have chosen the right candidate, you should provide an offer letter that includes; job profile, responsibilities and salary details.
  • Training on joining: If the candidate requires any training, he/she should be given training on the specific job that he/she has been selected for. It will help the candidate to carry out the job in an efficient manner.
  • Reviewing: Performance of the new employee should be reviewed. There should be probationary period mentioned in the offer letter. During this period, manager or team leader should watch out the candidates performance and monitor his/her work.

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