How to Select the Best Suitable Car for You

By | November 12, 2013

There are a wide range of cars available today. There are two ways to buy a car, one is buying a new car and the other one is buying a used car. Used car can get at a good deal but includes more risks than a new car. New cars are always have higher price. For many consumers car is a rational choice. Most of the consumers buy the cars for transport their loved ones and themselves as safely and at a possible cheap costs. This article helpful to take the decision for best suitable car.

Types of cars available: There are different models of cars available at present. But now we will see the basic types of cars.

  • Convertible or coupe: The convertibles and coupes are the most expensive designs. The back seat in these models are restricted to access. Because of its two door system make little problem to enter the back seats for some people and those doors are larger than the others. If you want the car as it makes a statement about you, this is recommended.
  • Sedan: If you have children or planning to have in the near future, four door sedan is well useful. Even the child is grown enough to comfortably keep in back seat while driving, think once if you want to buy a convertible or coupe. Climbing out and into the back seat in a coupe regularly might not comfortable.
  • Hatchback: If you are looking for five door cars, those are station wagons and hatchbacks. These offer like sports utility vehicles without fuel economy and dynamic compromises of heavier vehicles. In the United States these cars are pariahs. But now the buyers are reconsidering because of increasing environmental awareness and fuel prices.
  • Station wagon: The station wagons may have bad reputation of body style on the market. But now these are changing. Station wagons offer best attributes without trade offs of sports utility vehicles and crossovers.
  • Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or crossover: These are very helpful in the areas where the ice is heavy. The seating in the SUV are at the higher position and provides more visibility, ease of exit and entry. Keep in mind the height adds weight to the car and the weight effects on the fuel economy.
  • Minivan: The minivans are suitable for large families or routinely carry five or more people. These can accommodate from six to eight passengers.

Size of the car: The car size effects on many factors in the car functionality, safety and driving. The cars which are having weight and heavy body will protect greatly from crashes and other incidents than the small cars. The light weighted cars gives the most fuel economy than high weighted cars.

Wheel drive: Most commonly available wheel drives in cars are two wheel drive and four wheel or all wheel drive. In wintry climes all wheel drive can be seen as safety feature. While accelerating, added traction is only a recognized one by a driver in all wheel drive. The all wheel drive does not increase the ability of the vehicle to turn or to stop.

Hybrid and diesel makes: Hybrids use less fuel while driving in town. Frequent braking and low speeds keep them running on battery power for longer. The diesel vehicles are efficient than petrol or gasoline fueled cars at low speed and have the greatest benefits on highways.

Generally we go on the roads between 0 to 60 mph. The power of the engine is sufficient for that. Many people even do not use full throttle of their car. Check for the engine based on your actual requirement. Extra will be a waste and the high powered engines consumes more fuel.

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