Necessity of Drug Testing at Workplace

By | November 7, 2013

Drug testing programs gained popularity in wide-range of industries to ensure drug-free work environment. There are many reasons why employers screen their employees for illegal drug use. But at the bottom line is to make sure of health, safety and productivity of the employees and the organization. In this article, we discuss the necessity of drug testing at workplace.

Safety: One of the primary reason why employers conduct drug testing programs is to keep safety and healthy work environment. Because it adds value to the productivity of the employees. Example: There are some jobs that are dangerous, even a slight mistake can take the life of an employee or employees. It may damage the property of the organization. In such cases, employer should conduct drug test on employees who are associated with risky work.

Decreases healthcare policy costs: Each and every organization has defined its health policies for their employees. But drug abused employees will reap majority of its policies in taking sick leaves, insurance claim, compensations, etc. This is a sign of loss to the employer. So, make sure to conduct “reasonable suspicion drug testing” on those employees who are showing signs of drug. But, if the employer failed to show valid reason for suspicion, it can lead to liability.

Reduces tardiness and absenteeism: The presence of drug in the employees body can affect the mind. Because of this reason, the usual symptoms that the employer can see in the behavior of drug abusers are spending time in non-work related activities, poor decision making, coming late to workplace, taking long lunch break, frequent sick leaves, etc. This effects the productivity of the organization. Therefore, drug testing programs helps the employer to find the drug abusers in the organization and take necessary actions as per the norms of the organization either in oral reminder or termination. This also discourages other employees of the organization to take drugs.

Improves attendance and performance: Employers should give a handbook that contains company’s drug testing policies and consequences of violating or breaking them to all the employees of the organization. And should conduct drug testing program at regular intervals. This will encourage the employees to give-up using drugs with a fear of losing their jobs and reputation among the co-workers.

Therefore, make sure to implement drug testing program in your organization. As this saves the employer from legal suites as well as saves from the cost of billions of dollars on insurance and medical claims.

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