Importance of Proper Ventilation in Your Home

By | October 11, 2013

Ventilation involves exchange of outdoor and indoor air and ultimately to serve the need of circulating fresh air in buildings. Better ventilated homes avoid accumulation of harmful gases – carbon dioxide, and other indoor pollutants, rid of additional moisture and maintain a comfortable environment. This article furnishes important points on ventilation, which you need to consider while constructing home.

Importance of proper ventilation
Studies say homes need proper ventilation facility to maintain healthy indoor air condition. Since air in homes gets polluted much more than outdoor air, improper ventilation system may have severe implication on living conditions resulting in health problems to building users.

Outdoor air enters a building by the process of natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and infiltration process. Natural ventilation is assisted by doors and windows through which air moves into the home naturally.

Mechanical ventilation is an artificial means of providing air supply to homes by using exhaust fans, ventilating appliances and HVAC systems, whereas in other means of ventilation it is through the process of infiltration.

Infiltration is the process of exchange of air between indoor and outdoor due to temperature difference.

Proper ventilation improves indoor air quality
We often hear about air pollution and air quality degradation in the environment. But we never think about air pollution in homes. It is a fact that homes are more affected by high volume of pollutants than outdoor air. The main sources for indoor air pollutants are combustion furnace, building residues, flooring, air-conditioning systems, breathing our own air – carbon dioxide. Even high levels of humidity and temperature increase indoor air pollutants.

When these indoor pollutants are ignored with inappropriate ventilation systems and maintenance, it’s harmful consequence on health are immediately visible after getting exposed to them. Symptoms of ill-health may also appear after some time.

The health effects of impure indoor air quality are – irritability in eyes, throat, lungs, frequent sneezing, cough, fatigue, etc. In severe conditions it may cause breathing troubles and even pneumonia. Therefore, when constructing home look for products that release less pollutants into the air like. You could consider environmentally friendly flooring, paints and home cleansing sprays.

Proper ventilation helps maintain optimal humidity
Humidity is another factor affecting overall quality of indoor air. Humidity is the amount of water in vaporized form in air. When humidity is so high (40 to 60%) it encourages accumulation of dust, growth of mold and other biological contaminants. When there is an improper ventilation system along with improper humidity control, it can worsen health situation of home users.

Today, many HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-Condition) systems that are available in market provide homes with comfortable living condition with both mechanical ventilation and humidity control. Since, most of us spend 90% of time in homes, it is better to facilitate good ventilation and humidity control throughout the building with effective and efficient HVAC systems as a part of home construction project.

When you take up construction project for your home, make sure you are providing enough ventilation facility to your building. Providing ventilation not only improves air quality and health in your family members, but also makes efficient use of electricity to cool or heat the rooms according to the need.

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