How to Avoid Enterprise Software Piracy?

By | October 9, 2013

Piracy means simply duplication of original copy without legal permission. It is very important to prevent piracy, if not some or the other day, you may also face effects of piracy. Piracy causes damage to your business by bringing disrepute to your business and the legal consequences. The article discusses how to avoid the piracy of software.

Measures to prevent piracy
Most of the companies are taking serious steps to prevent enterprise software piracy. In order to escape from threat of piracy by employees, they are making to employees to sign on anti-piracy statement which explains that they have no right to pirate company’s software, violating this rule will allow company to take legal action against employee.

  • Companies that are attracted to piracy need to analyze issues faced due to piracy and stop buying pirated software. This will make software pirates to realize and ultimately they will slow down distribution of pirated software.
  • If your beginner of business and opting for software for the first time, make sure that you go for a trusted vendor and complete the process legally. Check whether vendor is licensed or not.
  • Before buying software, try to collect information on possible ways that piracy can take place and make sure that you are not involved or made to involve in piracy unknowingly.
  • Install some tools like software asset management tools which will protect your software related to business assets from being pirated .
  • Conduct regular training programs for employees to explain them about piracy and how to use tools that can protect from piracy.
  • These days employees are allowed to bring their own devices like phones to offices, so make sure that they do not copy information in those devices and commit piracy.

Government is also working on how to prevent software piracy. So serious action has to be taken against pirates who commit software piracy.

  • Try to maintain passwords that are so difficult to guess. Don’t share passwords with any employee or people outside, if you commit mistake in revealing passwords, you may face serious legal processes.
  • Install some security software along with software used for applications so that your company documents are secured.
  • Make sure that all the systems are connected to manager system, this will enable manager to check whether any employee is copying software in his device.
  • End users piracy can be prevented by not allowing any other person to use his software on your computer or make sure that you don’t use system of unauthorized person.
  • We can escape from internet piracy by not downloading software that is available for free.

Avoid as far as possible pirated versions of software, etc. If you prevent piracy not only you but also other get protected by your action.

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