Key Factors that Make a Software Application Ideal

By | October 7, 2013

There are hundreds of software application that are available in the market and online. Each software developed is used for various purposes and by various developers. Users select and buy the particular software that meets their needs and performs the task.

There are software that perform similar tasks, but are developed by different developers. In such situations, users opt for the one that is easy to perform the task and which is easy to use and understand. In this article, we will discuss some major factors that make a software an ideal.

Factors that make a software ideal
Factors that identifies an ideal software are cost, functionality, usability and maintenance.

Cost efficient

  • Software should meet user’s requirements and at the same time it should be affordable for an individual, small businesses and big businesses.

Good functionality

  • Good functionality involves correctness, integrity, reliability, security, portability, flexibility, scalability and safety.
    • Correctness: Software should perform according to specifications given on it and should meet the user’s requirements for completing the task with fast and accurate output.
    • Integrity: Integrity of a software means, not affecting the other software or application programs that are present in the system. In simple words, there should not be any side-affects.
    • Reliability: Software should not be defective or fail to execute.
    • Security: It should not infect the data in the system, where it is installed. It should be free from all the threats.
    • Portability: Software should be able to perform on any system and on any platform.
    • Flexibility: Software should allow for any changes made to it later. As the requirements of the user increase, the functionality of the software needs to increase. This becomes possible and easy only when the software is scalable.
    • Scalability: Software should be scalable. That means, they performance should not be affected when more work is added.
    • Safety: Software should not be hazardous to society or environment.


  • Software should be easy to use, learn and understand. Even a non-technical person should be able to understand and use the software with less time and less effort.
  • Some software provides manuals and guide the user to understand the functionality and explain how to use or work on the software, which is helpful to the user.


  • Maintenance of the software should be easy. The cost of maintenance of the software varies from software to software and the developer.
  • Some high-end software do not provide updates for free, while some software updates are for free and are easily available for the user.

These are the common factors that any software application should possess to make it ideal to use.

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