Diesel vs Petrol Vehicles

By | October 11, 2013

Diesel and petrol or gasoline are traditional fuels and the most commonly used in automobiles. These fuels are widely used because of the power they can give, mileage, availability, etc. So while buying an automobile most people consider the fuel type they have to choose, typically between diesel and petrol. Lets see the difference between diesel cars an petrol cars.fuel pump repair

Fuel prices: Fuel prices depends upon the government policies and the fuel companies. In some countries (like UK) the diesel price is higher than the petrol. And in some countries it is reverse as petrol price is higher than the diesel.

Mileage: According to a research diesel engines give 15 to 30 percent of more mileage than the petrol engines. But in the recent days some companies have released small model petrol cars that can give mileage as same as the diesel.

Performance: In the olden days diesel engines were very noisy, slow and dirty than the petrol vehicles. But the present generation turbo engines by manufacturers are matching the petrol engines performance in terms of smooth driving and noise levels.

Tax and duty: Tax and duty for diesel is usually low than petrol. Because the diesel engines produce less carbon dioxide when compared to petrol engines. So the environmental factors are effected on tax and duty. But these vary from country to country and state to state.fuel pump repair

Resale: Diesel automobiles are generally more reliable than the petrol vehicles. However ‘2012 Which?’ survey results show that diesel cars are slightly less reliable than the petrol cars. The tax rates are also less when compared to petrol. Diesel engined automobiles tend to be more in demand. Diesel engines have the reputation for providing better economy than gasoline or petrol and for their lower emission of carbon dioxide. But while resale total traveled distance also make the difference in price.

Maintenance and service: Diesel engine servicing costs are higher than the petrol cars. Some manufacturers offer diesel cars that are equivalent to petrol cars servicing period. Diesel cars spare parts are expensive than the petrol cars spare parts.

Alternative fuels: Both petrol and diesel engines have alternative fuels. The alternative fuel for petrol is Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and for diesel it is bio-diesel.

Environmental impact:fuel pump repair

  • Diesel engines emit less carbon dioxide (CO2) than petrol engine.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) released by the petrol engines while warm up.
  • Nitrous Oxide (NOx) is more in new diesel engines and less in new petrol engines. But in long run petrol engines will produce more nitrous oxide than diesel engines.
  • Hydrocarbons (HC) released by petrol engines are more than the diesel engines.

Both petrol or gasoline and diesel engines have equal advantages and disadvantages. So while choosing a car be sure which one to pick based on your requirements.

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