Active Safety Feature in Car

By | October 8, 2013

Safety features in a car protect them from casualty. The passive safety features in the car protect the people in crashes, whereas active safety features help in preventing crashes. Active safety features are useful to minimize the risk of of accident between your car and other car. Active safety features work automatically.

Most active safety features are continuously keep your car safe. These features are electronic and work through computer controlled components. These include brake assist, traction control and stability control. Other active safety features are land hazard indicators and pressure monitors, and these will give the alert to the driver about potential problems. Now we see the active safety features in the car:

Electronic brake-force distribution: Electronic brake force distribution is designed to improve the vehicle’s stability when anti lock braking system triggering falls short. It reduces the potential for the back wheels to lock up. Based on the road conditions, vehicle loading and speed, the brake force will automatically vary to give maximum stopping power when the vehicle have the electronic brake force distribution system.

Anti-lock braking system: Anti lock braking system helps prevent the wheels to do not locking up when braking. It is useful to keep control the vehicle. Even under heavy braking allows to steer.

Emergency brake assist: Emergency brake assist system conjunction with anti-lock braking system. It reinforce the braking in an emergency stop situation. When the driver is in a panic situation it will help to apply maximum brake quicker. It prevent some crashes as well as reduce the severity of crash for the vehicle.

Electronic stability program: Electronic stability program is built on anti-lock braking system. This system constantly monitors the car behavior through advanced sensors. Electronic stability program automatically senses the vehicle grip. When the sensors detected the lose of grip, it will automatically use the anti-lock braking system for apply the brake to appropriate wheel. So it will automatically get back the control to the driver.

Traction control system: When accelerating on a slippery road surface, traction control system helps to prevent the wheel from spinning.

Blind zone warning: Blind zone waning system gives an alert when another vehicle is approaching very near to your car. These will show a warning light as well as an audible alarm.

Adaptive headlights: Nearly one and a half million crashes occurring every year on dark curves. The adaptive headlights will response automatically as per the front wheels pointed side. Hope this will reduce the crashes number.

Modern cars are having more safety features when compared with the first generation cars. In the beginning for cars there is not even a seat belt. The main aim of traveling is to reach destination safely. So the safety is very important. The people in the present days are also considering the safety features available with vehicle along with the mileage and comfort. The technologies for vehicle safety are providing more safe journey to the passengers.

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