Why Car Leasing Is Better Than Buying?

By | September 29, 2013

You need a car, but you do not have money to afford one, during such circumstances leasing a car is a better option than buying, because you don’t have to pay a huge amount, leasing comes with low monthly payments and a wide array of benefits than buying a car.

Let us discuss the benefits of car leasing and why it is a good option to consider.

Benefits of Car Leasing
Leasing for business purpose – People who opt leasing as an option for their business use, can include their expenses spent on leasing a car under tax and will get tax deduction.

Enjoy luxury within your budget – Most of us have passion for driving new and luxurious cars, but many may not afford to buy one, in such cases leasing will fulfill their desire as most of the dealers or agents are offering new cars for leasing.

Shift to new cars – If you buy a car, you have to use the same car for a longer period, you may not enjoy different car driving experiences, but when you go for leasing, you can lease a car that you want to drive and after the end of the lease agreement you can lease other car model.

Low monthly payments – Compared to monthly installments when buying a car, leasing a car comes with lower monthly payments.

Insurance cover – Some leasing companies offer insurance cover, which is collected as premiums during lease agreement.

Bargaining price – Most of us are not aware that bargaining on leasing a car is available, just like you bargain the purchase price while buying a new car.

You can directly lease a car from the dealer to prevent any scams, but many also prefer an independent agent, which is also beneficial to some extent. Leasing a car for personal use should be taken extra care because, generally you lease a car for traveling to different places with your family. In that aspect, you may need to pay additional charges if you carry any extra equipment other than those mentioned in lease agreement. You may have to pay penalty if any wear and tear occurs during the journey.

One more advantage of leasing is that you enjoy all the benefits of an owner during the lease agreement. Leasing a car has become a popular choice in the West. It indirectly adds to country’s economy as well as improves economic condition of businesses.

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