Vitamins that Help Increase Appetite in Children

By | September 26, 2013

Most mothers face difficulty in convincing their children to eat food. There are many reasons on why children hate to eat, and a major reason is lack of vitamins in them that make them less hungry.

Before knowing about vitamins that can increase appetite, let us take a look at the reasons for children not feeling hungry.

Why don’t children feel hungry?
If we take a month’s baby into consideration, they are mostly breast-fed. They do not have many activities to do, so food taken is digested easily and less energy is used by them, so they don’t feel hungry.

According to studies, kids deficient in vitamin B complex show symptoms of loss of appetite.

Vitamins that increase hunger
It is vitamin B complex that helps in increasing appetite. It activates cells of digestive system in producing acids that makes the child feel hungry. Deficiency of vitamin B complex decreases appetite. So make sure sufficient Vitamin B complex is included in your child’s regular diet. Good sources of this vitamin are leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, dried beans, fortified cereals, nuts, mushrooms, banana, whole grains, kale, broccoli, etc.

Tips to develop healthy eating habits in children

  • Let the child do physical activities like playing, walking, running, etc., so that the energy is used, and they start feeling hungry.
  • Daily routine foods make the child bore, so try to include a variety of healthy foods and make it look attractive, so that the child will be tempted to try it.
  • Make it a habit in your children to eat food on their own. If the child eats food on his own, it makes it interesting for them and it will also increase their appetite. Also, have some colorful bowls, plates, spoons, glasses to make it look attractive for the child.
  • Maintain standard time for breakfast, lunch and dinner – Make sure the child eats food daily at the same time. It will make them habituated and they will feel hungry at the same time.
  • Story telling – children love stories. Therefore, when the child is eating tell stories of cartoon characters, superman, fairy tales, old mythologies, etc., so that he/she is completely engrossed in it and it will create interest in eating.
  • Don’t feed them forcibly – offer lunch only when they feel hungry otherwise they tend to put on weight.
  • Give them multivitamins supplement only under the guidance of a doctor.

Identifying reasons the child’s disinterest in eating and working on it is very important. This is because early stages of life play a crucial role in the development of the child. So make sure your child eats healthy and nutritious food to improve appetite.

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