Steps to Follow When Purchasing a Used Car

By | September 17, 2013

Purchasing a used idea? A sensible idea. But make sure to check all the sources around that are available such as dealers, private owners, banks, Water pump replacementauctions, etc., to get the best deal. Ensue to follow these steps to get the best deal and suitable car for you.

Ask yourself these questions before you purchase the car:

  • What is the purpose to buying a used car?
  • Do I have the budget?
  • What model/make of car I like to buy?
  • How long will I use the car?
  • Is the car meant for short or long distance?
  • Which fuel run car I want?
  • Certified or non-certified used car?

Once you have decided which car is suitable, the process of finding and bargaining becomes easy.

If you have sufficient money to buy the car, there is no need to search for a finance institution. But if you don’t have sufficient money, it is better to find a bank or vehicle financing company. In some cases, the dealer provides finance facility either of their own or with a finance company.

Choose a reliable used car dealer
Buying used car from a reliable dealer ensures that the car is in a good working condition. To know if the dealer is reliable, talk to some of the customers of that dealer.

Checklist before buying
After you have chosen the car, check the following about the car.

  • History or background of the car
  • Is there any outstanding loan on the car?
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Certified or non-certified car
  • Documents of the car
  • Mileage of the car
  • Age of the car
  • Mileage and age should be consistent
  • Body of the car
  • Is there any accidental damage?
  • Condition of the car tires on all the specifications, dimensions and tread thickness.
  • Airbags, engine and brakes are in good condition

Test drive
When test driving the car consider the following things

  • Warning lights
  • Any steering vibrations or pulling to one side
  • Condition of brakes condition of the car
  • Abnormal noises from engine
  • Is smoke normal?
  • Clutch operation and check for any noises
  • Check all the doors and windows and the locks
  • Other general functioning such as the AC, audio and video players

Negotiation of price
Price negotiation is an art. If you don’t have the bargaining skills, it is sensible better to take your friend or a relative who is good at it. Some sellers lower the price, while some don’t. Based on the car’s working condition, bargain the price.

Closing the deal
Before closing the deal, check all the necessary documents. If there is any loan, check agreement and conditions thoroughly. Check insurance documents and dealer’s tag with the car. After you thoroughly check everything and only if you are convinced, finalize the deal. If there is any extended warranty coverage, check the car condition and see if any repairs are required.

Used cars are better financial alternatives. It is, however, important that buyers consider the these points just discussed, and do a number of other checks before buying a car.

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