Importance of Saliva in Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

By | September 16, 2013

Saliva is important for maintaining oral hygiene. It is a vital source of protection and defense in the mouth. Saliva provides first line of defense is against mechanical, chemical and infectious attacks. It is the best substance we use as a weapon to fight tooth decay, because it is produced by the glands surrounding the oral cavity.

Saliva is composed of 99.5% water and the remaining includes ions like sodium, chloride, potassium and other various phosphates and mucous. All these substances work together to create enzymes that help start the process of breaking down food and to provide the buffers which help regulate the PH in oral cavity.

If the saliva is insufficient, it can effect on general health, because it leads to breakdown of one of the most important immune system defenses, that leads to a snowballing effect, which is in terms of resultant oral complications, and the harmful impacts on general health.

Insufficient saliva also increases the incidence and severity of oral thrust, caries, gingivitis, mucositis, pneumonia, and other health issues which originate in mouth. Saliva is, thus, very important not only to moisten oral cavity, but also to combat enamel erosion, that facilitates the process of tooth decay.

The most common reason for your dry mouth is use of medication, which leads to decrease the salivary production. Some therapeutic irradiation and autoimmune conditions that are used to treat neck and head cancers can also lead to this issue.

Take steps for increasing your salivary flow to replace the oral secretions. You should take care of good oral hygiene with adequate daily brushing and flossing and by choosing healthy food that should increase saliva. Thus, you can suck candies and chew gum which is free from sugar like Xylitol. Take extreme of oral hygiene which helps you maintain your healthy mouth as well as smile.

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