How to Buy and Sell Your Antiques?

By | July 3, 2013

Buying a Genuine Antique at Reasonable Price

Antiques are expensive compared to normal contemporary (present generation) items. It is because of its quality and the cost and efforts an antique takes for its restoration as it is more than 100 years old. It is quite common to get cheated by the sellers as the demand for antiques is very high and if you are ignorant about the antique item you are planning to buy. Therefore, proper care should be taken while spending a lot of money in buying antiques.

  • Before buying an antique, first decide what antique item you are willing to purchase. (An item that interests you or matches your hobby).
  • Good research on that item is necessary before you order or buy an item. It is quite common to get cheated by the dealers or sellers if you do not have enough knowledge of the antique item.
  • Talk to experts to get an idea about its cost and learn how to identify a genuine antique.
  • Once you decide to buy an item and have done enough research, choose the place where you buy the antique. There are many ways in which you can buy an antique in a market. Most common methods of buying antiques are buying at a dealer shop, buying from a direct seller (collector), buying online or in an auction.
  • While buying from a dealer or direct seller, make sure that you ask the dealers many questions on the antique item, material used, how old it is, whether any changes made to it, etc. and confirm whether the seller is genuine or trying to sell you a piece that is not genuine. It is different if you buy it from a collector, because he is also a passionate collector like you and may be selling it due to excessive pieces he is having. But still, it is good to verify before you buy from him.
  • While making a purchase through online, don’t make a payment blindly without inspecting the item and details of the seller. Someone may take the chance of your excitement to buy an antique piece.
  • It gives a great feeling if you get a perfect antique at a reasonable price. This is possible by following these points when buying an antique.

Selling Your Antique for Right price

Do you have an antique item and are willing to sell it for the best price it can sell at? Then, you have to be careful while selling, because you may end up selling it at a cheaper price. Antiques are valuable and you can get a better price than you imagine. Following steps tell you how to sell your antique for a good price.

  • Firstly, do good amount of research before you sell the antique. This gives knowledge of the demand that your antique is having in the market.
  • Contact experts or the antique appraiser and get the extra information about the materials used in it, cost of them and overall cost of the antique.
  • When you gain enough knowledge about your antique, it is time to market your antique. Decide the price and quote it confidently to the users. Quote the price which it is really worthy of.
  • You can sell the antiques by many methods such as selling it to a dealer, putting it online or auctioning it.
  • Negotiation is good, unless the actual worth value of the antique does not depreciate.
  • Extra care should be taken, while sold online and shipping it. Make sure the item is not damaged when it reaches the buyer.

It is a good practice to record each transaction (buying and selling) for the future reference. It gives the knowledge and reminds you of your experience in dealing with the people in future. Doing a fair deal also increases your reputation in buying and selling antiques.

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