Know How Plaque Disclosing Tablets can Help You Brush Better

By | March 4, 2013

After brushing, many of you see the mirror to find if anything is left uncleaned, but you will not find anything and you assume your teeth are clean. But as the plaque is a thin tooth colored film that is created by bacteria, it can be very difficult to see in your teeth. There will be millions of bacteria that will live in your mouth. This bacteria cause gum diseases and inflammation which may lead to heart strokes or attacks and diabetics.

Even though you brush or floss regularly, the bacteria will start collecting on your teeth next few minutes of your brushing and don’t think that you have eaten 12 hours ago and the bacteria have been washed out. And without realizing, you will probably miss some teeth every time when you brush.

You are very lucky that our dentists are producing products that are very useful to you, that include plaque disclosing tablets as well as solutions. This helps you easily visualize the hidden plaque.

The plaque disclosing tablets are very small chewable tablets which we see pink or blue colored. They contain some type of vegetable dye. These plaque-disclosing tablets will help you in finding that difficulty to see plaque, which is hidden on your teeth so that you can clean it in better way.

When you chew the tablets the dye gets attracted to the dental plaque, and show you the places where the plaque is hidden on your teeth which is filled with bacteria. When we clean our teeth the full bacteria will get cleaned.

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