Five Things that Make It Difficult to Sell Your Home

By | February 19, 2013

Many people wants to buy the houses which are of free of problems and also at lower prices. So, if they found even one problem, they will move to another houses for buying.

Following are the 5 things that makes it difficult to sell your home:

1) Poor condition: Due to the presence of large resale homes in the market, buyers are looking for good condition homes they are going to purchase. However the finishing of the interior and exterior part of the houses are significant factors in boosting the property value.

2) High Cost: It is important because the cost of a home depends on the neighborhood houses. Thus, while selling a house at a reasonable price otherwise buyers won’t show interest in your home. If your home is having extra features than the remaining houses in your neighborhood then you can overprice your home. However, too much overpriced homes won’t sell.

3) No garage facility: Nowadays everyone has vehicle(s). So, buyers are looking for those homes which have garage facility for storing 2 or 3 vehicles even for the first time.

4) Bad Location: Houses at bad locations are difficult to sell. If at all they sell, they do so at a considerably lower price than the similar one in a good locations. By bad locations we mean that areas associated with criminals, crowded road, poor maintenance in neighborhood, absence of public conveyance, poor power and other utility supply.

5) Empty house: For a realtor, it is hard to sell an empty house because the buyers are looking for staged home for knowing functionality of the home. For every homeowner, home staging is important because it creates a new vision of their home to the buyers. Staging is a process of beautifying the house by adding a wide variety of art work, furnishing accessories to make the house sell more quickly.

Not only these things but also others that are making your house hard to sell the house, are plumbing, landscaping, dirty rooms with odors, kitchens and bathrooms, roofing etc.

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