What are the Ways to Communicate in Difficult Situations?

By | January 29, 2013

Communication is a daily process and the process will go on smoothly in normal or routine situations. But the question arises how to communicate in difficult situation. Difficult situations are those which we feel uncomfortable to communicate about the matter. One should possess effective communication skills to handle difficult situations as well.

Difficult situations arise in both planned and unplanned environment. Some things are planned but we are not able to be handling that situation through communication. Some examples of planned situations are: superiors want to discuss the unsatisfactory work of the employee or latter wants to ask for a hike in payment.

Unplanned situations are those which occur suddenly happened and it is difficult to communicate in that situation.

It is difficult to communicate in even emotional situations as well.

There are some ways to communicate effectively in difficult situations as well.

  • Try to gather information as much as you can, know the facts and be planned about what you say.
  • Once you are sure about what you want to say, say it in a positive way and make the listeners understand of what you are saying.
    There should be clarity in your speech and don’t make the listener’s confused with your communication.
  • Don’t be emotional and don’t feel stressed as these things will damage your speech, makes you feel uncomfortable and even makes you drop from your speech.
  • Listening is also one of the important communication skills. If we don’t listen we don’t understand and we can’t continue or prolong the matter if necessary.
  • Try to be calm and be focused on the speech given by the speaker as by doing so, others will also pay attention when your speech follows. Don’t deviate from the topic and don’t make others to deviate.
  • Try to come up with suggestions to rectify the problem.
  • Don’t raise your voice and don’t use any other body language as they never help to make the communication situation better.

Every communication situation will be better or easy communication if we follow the above things.

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