What are the Safety Aspects to check When Booking or Staying at a Hotel?

By | January 24, 2013

Many websites provide many things about the services, cleanliness and convenience of the hotels and they also provide the safer areas of the city. It is, therefore, better to choose a hotel which is secure. For this all, you need to research and make sure that it is a safer place to live which is providing safety features and proper procedures in that place. So the following are some of the safety tips you need to consider while traveling and booking an hotel.

  • It is better to select a hotel which has installed modern electronic locks, because these locks automatically lock by changing the lock combination with every new guest so it is better and no one can duplicate your key and by mistake if you lose your key, ask for re-key immediately for your room.
  • Check whether each room is equipped with peephole and dead bolt lock and secure the locks on windows and adjoining doors, also check for the telephone that should be allowed outside dialing.
  • Look for the fire sprinklers in the rooms, hallways, and also in meeting rooms.
  • Look whether the hotel located in crime prone area or safe area.
  • Look for the well interior hallways, grounds and also for parking structures in the hotel.
  • Select your room below the 6th floor but not in the ground floor that the windows and the doors which are open to the outside.
  • Examine the room lock and make sure it is functioning properly also check for the bathrooms and closets whether anything or anyone is hidden.
  • Do not be afraid to ask queries while booking or staying in the hotel like
  • Does your hotel have the safety lockers to store valuables?
  • Does the hotel is dedicated to the 24 hours security personnel etc.
  • Place your key in the same place near to the bed.
  • The door should not be opened until the guest is well known to you.
  • Be careful at night to close the door and windows in the balcony.

These are the some of the safety features when booking or staying at a hotel.

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