Advantages of Using Cloud Computing

By | January 19, 2013

Given below are some of the advantages of cloud computing:

  • site monitoringReduced costs: using cloud computing technology, users or organizations can economize expenditures because they need not to buy software and hardware. These software are already installed online remotely and you can run from it.
  • Users or organizations can store more data (unlimited data) than on their own computer systems compared to server and hard drive limits. The only thing you need to do is increase your monthly fee somewhat for more data storage. Needing more space for data storage does not cause any issues with server upgrades and equipment.
  • Without personnel interaction and worry everything is automated.
  • Flexibility is the another advantage of cloud computing because it gives only the needed of users even they are outside of office hours or remotely working.
  • Location independence or mobility. Users can access information regardless of location.
  • No need to worry about constant server updates and other issues.
  • As long as they have the internet connection, users can get information from home, on the road, from clients’ offices or even from a smart phone such as a Black Berry or i Phone. Users can also work cooperatively on files and documents, even when they’re not physically together. Documents can simultaneously be viewed and edited from multiple locations.
  • Without downloading and installation, you can access a huge range of applications.
  • Organizations can share resources in one place.
  • The costs for the companies can be measured based on analyzing on-demand resources.
  • Company’s data is stored in the secure data centers instead of server rooms.
  • Implementing cloud computing technology is easy.
  • The time required for data responding is less when compared to server and other hardware’s.
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