How to Stay Safe During Long Drives

By | December 18, 2012

Whether it is family vacation or a friendly trip with a group of friends, long drives are part of our life. Especially in case of travel lovers long drives are part and parcel. Whatever may be the reason or the occasion drivers should be aware of the possible dangers associated with the long drive. They leave a wonderful experience when planned and done properly, but when done in disorganized manner, they may prove perilous. So, here are the tips to follow in order to make your long drives safe and also most memorable.

Tips to stay safe during long drives

  • Even before we are planning for a long drive, it is often suggested to have enough rest so that you will not feel drowsy while driving. A sleep of at least 8 hours prior to long drives is advised.
  • Though you are an expert driver it is good to make sure that you have another person in your trip who knows driving. You can share the distances between you so that less chances of feeling tired and fatigue will be there.
  • Staying away from alcohol and drugs is also one of the most important thing to consider while on a drive. Alcohol and drugs may impact the decision making power of the person and let him enter the accidents. So, better avoid such things on drive.
  • Long drive does not mean that you have to complete your drive in a single stretch. You can take sufficient breaks to stretch your legs and to get relaxed for a while. This helps you refresh and start the journey again with a fresh note.
  • Listen to the music to stay rejuvenated and do not to get bored so that even though no body is speaking to you, you can still be in the awake mode, thus avoiding accidents.
  • Always drive the car at moderate speed.

These tips could help you save you from fatalities during long drives.


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