How to Specify Website Requirements?

By | December 20, 2012

If you want to do any business seriously, you need to have a website with right content on your business. Content with errors in your website will not help you promote your business. monitoring serviceYou cannot make customers or clients come to your business either.

A website designer will help you design a well website; however, you should give your requirements of your business. It is very important that the way you specify your requirements and present the information for your website tells the overall summary of your business to the public and customers.

The website designer will design your website the way you specify the requirements. Therefore, be careful in specifying, else, s/he takes additional charges to correct it. Another option is listen to your website designer what he tells you and ensure that the information you provide is clear and unambiguous.

Here are some tips for specifying clear requirements for your website:

  • Tell the designer that you need a required number of pages and instruct him to provide a heading for each page. For example, home page, about us page, testimonials page, careers page, products and services page, etc.
  • Under each heading page, insert content that you want on that page.
  • Specify the images, if needed, exactly where you want them to be positioned in the page. Otherwise, you can leave it to the designer. You may also specify in brackets in text that you need certain image in this position.
  • Sending emails with large messages can cause problems. Your website designer will have to reduce them to the appropriate resolution when they monitoring service
  • You should try to ensure that your instructions to the designer are no more than two emails.
  • Note that you are paying for your website designer’s time. Therefore, make it easy for him/her to get your site designed quickly and efficiently.

Last but not the least, ask the designer to create a user-friendly website to enable users to access the information of all products and services, but he should not design your website in such a way that users change the content.

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