Ten Reasons Why You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident

By | October 25, 2012

1. In many states the limitations of statute for filling a car accident claim is between one to two years. If you won’t do in such period then you give up the right to sue forever.

2. Those who are injured in a car accident may hardly in physical condition or may frame of mind to work their way through the insurance company reams of paper work.

3. Also you may need to file a police report within a given period of time because your state may have additional requirements. So the attorney in your area may expert in such laws and may help you to make sure that you may not do anything that jeopardizes your rights to sue the party responsible for your injury

4. Your insurance company may have a different agenda because most of the insurance companies aim to protect their insured and also to compensate them for damages occurred in the accident. The insurance companies may aim to keep cost low and reduce their overhead. It is better if you hire an attorney for your interest, if your agenda and your insurance company agenda may not perfectly align.

5. You may need to understand settlement options because most of the cases settle out of the court which means the defendant or the insurance Attorney billing softwarecompany is likely to make to make an offer. So your attorney can help you in making understand the implications by accepting this offer, if you accept then you give the right to sue forever. And also can help you in evaluating whether the settling is the best option or not.

6. If you decide to sue, you will have to file the appropriate papers in the court. A number of rules are there in everything from the front size of the brief to what evidence is admissible and how the legal precedent is cited. Then, you will need a lawyer to guide you through the complicated process of filling the suit.

7. As the filling a case is complex, providing your case is even more complex and you may be permitted to discover information from the other side and you may be limited in the witnesses and evidence you provide. Also there may even restrictions on the kind of queries you ask in the court. So it is very difficult to provide personal injury liability on your own then extensive legal research often needs to be done to convince the court or jury to side with you.

8. If you don’t sue in time, for right damages, right defendant, and for improper presenting the information, as result if you lose your case then you will be barred for every suing again.

9. Providing the liability is complex even the witnesses and the police report saying the other party is at fault, by providing that he was so negligence that he breached a duty of care to you can be difficult, since there are many things that may go into winning a personal suit injury lawsuit then you need to hire an attorney that understands the law and also who can provide the references to you case and the other sources of the law which supports your position.

10. The laws will be different from reason to reason and state to state so the auto insurance and the accidents rules will be different they are decided by the each injury jurisdiction. In some states you can sue even if you were at the fault side for the accident and while in others if you are contributed to causing accident then you can’t sue. So an attorney in your area may help you to explain all the details of law within your jurisdiction to you.

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