Want to Know about Conventional Agriculture?

By | September 2, 2012

Conventional Agriculture was being practiced in the past before the coming of science and technology. Below are some of the points which includes conventional agriculture.miniature garden

  • It requires removing trees, tilling the soil, installing an irrigation system etc.
  • In this type of agriculture, only planting of one crop is done also known as mono-cropping.
  • After the crops has been grown, they are non-renewable which means after harvesting, the land is bare again and requires cultivation(tilling and plowing of the soil), fertilization, planting, irrigation, watering and harvesting all over again.
  • In this, no more diversity is there to maintain uniformity.
  • In this method, farmers use insecticides and pesticides to eliminate insects and animals from eating the crops. These chemicals are not only toxic to insects, animals and humans, but also they contaminate water bodies such as ground water, streams, rivers, and oceans.
  • In order to provide nutrients to the soil, they use inorganic fertilizers.
  • A lot of energy and work is available to the farmer to maintain unnatural farming system:

miniature plantsEffects of conventional farming:
Since land loses its natural environmental features, the plants get destroyed by disease, high creature predation, and soil erosion.

  • Many animals lose their natural habitat and either relocate or become extinct due to a decrease in bio-diversity.
  • After harvesting, the land is empty, leaving the soil bare and prone to soil erosion.
  • Using of insecticides and pesticides pollutes the environment on many levels such as the soil, streams, creeks, rivers, underground water sources, well water, the ocean, and even the air. When these chemicals are ingested or inhaled in to our bodies, it will be poisonous as well as it can cause severe illness and even death.
  • Crops get destroyed by diseases, droughts, fire, or heavy rain-fall can, thus causing severe economic hardship for the farmer and even the consumer because when the quantity of a crop is low the price is increased.

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