Server Health Monitoring to Optimize Up-Time

By | August 17, 2012

Server health monitoring is concerned with testing a server reaction to the operating load placed upon it. The purpose of this monitoring is to prevent the server failures by ensuring that the server always carries sufficient capacity to conduct the required tasks. Using the server’s physical components- CPU load, memory usage etc. and the server’s responsiveness to client requests, it tracks performance of server.

site monitoringA successful website, however, always directs the users to the user-required-systems and controls the activities of the users. This is, especially true for the e-commerce websites that goal online business and transactions. In these cases, if a user clicks on a link or a tab and faces a link error, that website will face a huge loss in business. If a user finds out that the web page is taking a huge time, then they will not attract to that website.

In this process, the performance of the server is tracked. The performance is measured in terms of the physical components of the server like disk, memory, CPU load, network utilization, mail delivery latency and so on. It can check HTTP page, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, POP3, DNS, IMAP and other protocols. The interval and frequency of server health check is defined as per the requirements of the businesses. Servers respond to the users request is also a key factor in the measurement of server’s health. The server health statistics are calculated and are compared with the predefined threshold values. Sometimes both the short term and long term measurements are suggested in the server health monitoring reports. Some server monitoring tools automatically identify the issues and troubleshoot those issues even before they are actually felt in real time environment.

A company which offers server monitoring services provides you a round-the-clock monitoring of servers. They also provide you with a solution and maintenance option to prevent any possible disasters. Different server monitoring tools are used to send real time data to a centralized data repository for admin examination.

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