Looking for a Wedding Photographer: List of Questions You Must Ask a Photographer?

By | July 14, 2012

Everything you are planning for making your wedding day most memorable and great day. You also want to capture every beautiful moment on that day from flowers to decorations to family and your photos for future to preserve the beautiful moment. So, to capture all these moments, you need a professional photographer who is having extra-ordinary skills. But how can you find out a photographer.

Following are some of the list of questions you must ask your photographer before hiring for your wedding:

  • First ask the photographer in which company the photographer works and for how long he is in this business.
  • In which style he takes photos whether traditional, posted and formal, relaxed, creative, artistic or candid.
  • Ask in which version he will shoot the photos- black and white or mixed versions.
  • Especially, ask whether he is wedding photographer who will actually take your pictures in wedding. If not ask can he reference the other photographer?
  • For how many weddings he has taken pictures or worked as a wedding photographer that is experience level?
  • Also ask whether he takes other events for photography?
  • What type of equipment will he bring with him to the wedding for shooting?
  • Does he develop his own film or gives to others?
  • Ask whether you can buy the negatives from him.
  • Ask him to show the previous wedding photographs which he had taken?
  • Ask for references of the people where he worked before?
  • Consider the budget of the photographer whether he is offering services within your budget or not?
  • Types of packages he is offering for your wedding?
  • How much time he takes to deliver your photographs after wedding?
  • Always make a contract with him for future mishaps?
  • If he is not available at the time of wedding, ask about the payments and deposits, and the options for replacement.
  • Ask about additional charges, services, taxes, travel, etc. while signing contract.
  • Will he coordinate with the videographer or not?

The above are some of the questions you must ask your photographer before hiring your photographer.

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