Basic Functions of Website Monitoring Services

By | July 8, 2012

monitoring serviceOnce a website is on the web, there are many prospects which the website owner has to take care of. One of the prospect is performance of the website and it is crucial among them because inconsistent and inappropriate performance of the website significantly he performance of the website impacts its traffic. However most of the website owners do not monitor their websites because they are too busy.

The important function of website monitoring services is to check whether your website is running perfectly or not and is always available to the users or not. If anything finds flaws in the performance of your site, it should report in order to correct it as quickly as possible. Through these feedback produced from the reports, website owners can rectify the issues immediately to avoid any negative impact on their website’s traffic.

Global site monitoring: From various locations (servers positioned globally), global website monitoring tracks the performance of the website. These test monitoring stations determine the availability of the web server across various networks and they measure the performance, up time and downtime experienced by real users.

Tracks problems in web servers and routers: the response time from web servers also depends on configurations of routers and firewalls. Misconfiguration of any router might block Internet access to IP addresses of certain regions.

It gives immediate error notification: companies providing website monitoring study the performance of the website and submit a report to the respective company through an email or SMS whenever any problem encounters in their pages. So, this helps the company to solve the problem.

Measures website performance trends: in every region, performance of any website is not similar. The up time, down time and specific problems of a website at different locations are detected by the website monitoring services.

Provides statistics of public up-time: the up-time statistics of the site are displayed including check period, number of total checks, number of outages and average response time on a single page, are displayed using this service.

It helps website owners by offering a clear picture of their website’s performance and by helping them to optimize them according to the user needs.

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