Tips to Prevent Wedding Day Mishaps

By | May 14, 2012

Wedding day is an important day in your life. People want everything to be perfect. So many people think of what will happen if (s)he falls off the aisle, cake will fall on the ground, some unknown things happen with their wedding gowns etc. and becomes stressed. While you may not be able to ensure that no last-minute disasters occur but correct planning beforehand can allow you to do your best to avoid preventable mishaps.

Following are the few tips to prevent wedding day mishaps:

  • Bridal suite: Ask the venue if the suite has a lock and if so, if can you have the key for the night. Then give that key to responsible person whom you trust. The suite is where you’ll likely have jewelry cash, identification, travel documents, and personal belongings of your family and bridal party. Ask this person to make sure this room stays locked.
  • If you are a sloppy guest spills red wine on your gown, fix it with a stain removal wines. It will remove all kinds of stain.
  • If you rip off the hem of your gown on the way to the reception, and if you don’t have time to sew it, break out a roll of double-sided fabric tape and use a piece to keep the hem back properly
  • Never ever give the wedding rings to the bride or grooms because they are in so stressful situation that they can lost the rings. So, give it to the responsible person who takes care of it and give at the time of wedding.
  • Sometimes at the menu there can be misunderstanding happen, therefore it is better to plan it beforehand.
  • If you are planning events on the outdoors, use torches to keep insects at bay.
  • Mention every meal and snack timing hours in an invitation card so that guests will prepare.
  • While hiring the hall make sure that it is providing sufficient power for your needs or not.

There are many mishaps can happen such as unknown weather conditions may hit, or your guests drink unlimited drinks and can create a bad situation, your cakes may melt in summer, some guests may have a food allergy etc,. so be prepare for it.

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