Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses to Athletes

By | April 13, 2012

Contact lens are really of great help to the people whose profession demands to have a clear and crisp vision. Moreover, in order to have a perfect vision, eye glasses are not of great help for them as they obstruct them to perform well in their profession. Especially, in case of athletes and other sports players, clear and crisp vision is often an important criteria to reach their goals. And if any one of them suffer from any vision disorders, does that means they are unfit for playing games? This might be the case before a century. But after the invention of these contact lenses all such obstacles and objections are successfully eliminated. Following are the few advantages which the contact lenses offer to the athletes.

  • Unlike eye glasses, as contact lenses are placed around the eyes, they provide a clear and enhanced vision in all the directions.
  • They successfully eliminate the burden of wearing heavy glasses which also pose threat of falling and breaking while playing the sport.
  • Moreover, in few sports where the players are supposed to wear helmets, these contact lenses provide extra care and support, which the glasses cannot give as they do not fit under the helmets.
    Apart from the normal sight correction, contact lenses also provide solution for many disorders like astigmatism, corneal abnormalities, and so on.
  • When compared to the hard lens, the soft lens and the gas permeable lens allow more oxygen to flow to the eye which makes them comfortable to wear for longer periods continuously for a match.
  • Moreover, few lens such as RGP lens do not attract any dust or debris, so that the lens remain clear and hence the vision.

Even though these lens provide these many benefits, they are functional only when they are taken care properly. Good maintenance not only ensures proper vision but also increases the life of the lens. You can also save yourself from the risks and complications associated with the improper maintenance of lens.

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