Tips for Selecting a Caterer for Wedding

By | April 19, 2012

The catering team is important on special occasions like wedding which brings a huge number of people together on that particular day. You must ensure that the caterers meet your specifications in order to make visitors enjoy taste and quality of the food. Catering services includes the cost of food, beverages, kitchen staff, wait staff and decorations.

The wedding sites should have the facility of their own for in house catering. Some sites also provide the facility of kitchens, stoves, ovens for the caterers to cook. Determine the budget allocated for catering services and know the payment plans including initial deposits, payment installments, taxes etc.

Know the experience of the catering service, whether they can handle the number of guests you have invited. Does the caterer cost depending on per head count, is there a price difference between children and adult guests per plate, do they provide special menu or customized menu based on your taste. What is the serving style? Some of them are buffeted, seated or sit down. Ask the caterer for initial tasting; know whether the caterers use fresh ingredients or frozen ingredients, the catering service contract includes date, time, location and number of hours of the event.

A good catering service provides a comfortable atmosphere to the guests to freely interact with each other. Catering is responsible for everything from food, beverages, sounds, lights, tables, serving dishes, spoons, jugs, chairs and final cleanup of the site. The experts provide a variety of hygienic food items for all the guests.

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