What are the symptoms of sick cat?

By | April 28, 2012

The very sick or badly injured cat should be kept away from all traffic iat home, although it is not necessary to isolate it altogether. In fact, it will probably convalesce much more quickly if it can see familiar people.

Cats are very stoic by nature and it is up to the observant cat owner to keep a watchful eye over them and be aware of small changes to their appearance, behavior, eating habits etc. which could indicate all is not well.

Different cats display symptoms of illness in different ways. However, if your cat is experiencing any of the following signs, you should contact your veterinarian immediately for guidance. These problems include diarrhea or vomiting, scratching, licking or chewing, panting, coughing, wheezing or sneezing, pain, stiffness or difficulty moving, bowel or urinary problems, eye and ear disorders. Always resort to proper restraint, such as placing the cat in a cat bag or wrapping it in a towel, if it is nervous or highly excitable. As you become more proficient in handling the sick or injured cat, home care will be less burdensome.

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