Foods And Drinks that are Beneficial for Dental Health

By | April 9, 2012

Oral hygiene involves maintaining our teeth and gums healthy which enables us to look and feel good. It enhances our personality and helps us to speak and eat without any embarrassment to ourselves as well as others. Regular preventive care helps in reducing the risk of developing tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and other dental problems.

Some foods and drinks when taken regularly will show some negative affect on your dental hygiene. Any food or drink that is acidic may lead to enamel erosion. Bacteria in the mouth convert sugars, carbohydrates and starch from the food we take into acids, these acids break down or demineralize the enamel on teeth. However, there are some other foods which help to improve your oral health and are listed below.

Some foods are very important in protecting the teeth against cavities. Fluoride is one of the protector which makes the surface of teeth resistant to acids. Drinking fluoridated water and using fluoride toothpaste is must for a healthy teeth.

Green tea is one of the recommended drinks that contains plant compounds which reduce plaque, cavities and gum diseases. Milk is a good source of calcium that helps in maintaining teeth and bones, and it also contains low acidity which means wearing of teeth is less.

Vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A aid in the formation of teeth enamel. Sugary foods and drinks must be consumed in limited quantities because they stick to the teeth and reduce the pH in the mouth for an extended time. Using sugar substitutes instead of normal sugars reduce the bacteria on teeth and don’t produce decay causing acids.

Crunchy foods such as apples and pears contain high water content and hence dilute effects of sugars in them and increase saliva production.

Some of the best drinks to be taken are water, milk and unsweetened tea and it is better to limit the consumption of soft drinks, tea or coffee with added sugars. Water cleans the mouth and washes away particles inside the mouth, also increases flow of saliva. Chewing sugar-free gum may be good for teeth.

Time is an important factor in developing tooth decay. The more often you consume food and drinks which damage the teeth, the more frequent the teeth get exposed to decay. There is a variety of foods which protect the teeth enamel, increase saliva production, provide right amount of calcium, minerals for teeth and bones.

For healthy teeth, think twice before you eat and drink. It’s not what you eat or how often you eat, the impact of unhealthy food and drinks is harmful for your dental health. Eat healthy diet and avoid acidic foods and drinks for good oral health.

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