How Can Facility Managers Influence Vendors and Contractors for Delivering Better Performance

By | April 5, 2012

Facility managers are in a profession who have responsibility and authority towards their employees of facility, vendors, architects, contractors and sub contractors. You can threaten your vendors, architects and contractors with no further business, if they fail to do the tasks what you have asked. This approach will enable them believe that work results in best efforts.

Building relationship between facility managers and leaders help them to manage the transition and work in their own way and by overcoming performance issues with others. It is necessary for a facility manager to build a strong, effective relationship with others and understand that nothing happens without developing a relationship. Building relationship includes understanding and respecting others work style and their needs and personality differences, recognizing areas of mutual interest, making use of exchange principles to enhance the relationship, etc.

It is important to identify the recipient’s value whether the other person is either your employee or tenant in the facility. Facility managers can offer funding for the project, organizational support, outcome of the project to their employees and tenants. You can influence others without positional authority. As you work, employees and contractors will argue and disagree and hence arises a possibility of conflicts which is sometimes essential for facility growth. A healthy conflict may result in expanding ideas, identifying opinions and taking better decisions. It is very crucial to have an ability to influence others without authority that may lead to a good facility management. It will provide you to achieve more support than you would ever achieve on your own or through positional authority.

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