What Are The Ethical Rules In Recruitment Process

By | April 16, 2012

Recruitment is important source to organizations by which they get effective workforce, recruiting processes generally possible with the professionals who are well experienced in recruiting. Every recruitment process strictly follows its ethical rules, those are beneficial for longer time.

Important ethical rules in recruitment,
Candidate should be select based on merit: Pick the applications of candidate based on hie/her merit. The meritorious candidates are important to organization needs and its competency. Merit candidates are taking more responsibilities.

Consistency recruiting process: Consistency in recruitment is important to organizations, if any change will occur in selection criteria should inform or explain about those inconveniences. Main objective in recruitment is evaluating the candidate. Remember evaluation of the candidates is for selecting the best employees.

Information disclosure: After completing the selection process the recruiter should explain to the candidate about the company. Remember you should inform all facts only and under no circumstances they should be misled. Explain work culture, rules and regulations, behavioral guidelines etc.

No misleading the recruitment advertisements: Generally organization advertise about their requirements when they are advertise their requirement clearly then they get the suitable application. These are reduce the recruitment process risks.

These ethical rules are important for recruitment processes, these provides easy and more productive recruitment.

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