How to Become an Active Learner While Learning Language

By | April 4, 2012

Many people don’t carry the same enthusiasm or activeness till the end of the course while they are learning something. In the first few weeks of learning, they stay much focused and try to involve actively in all the learning activities. However, when the times goes they feel bored as they loose interest in learning the same language. Many of us face the same problem while learning something. In order to overcome all these and to become an active learner through out the course here are few tips and hope they are helpful.

  • Everyone has their own reasons for learning the language. Means you have your own goal or objective. Stay focused and stick to that goal. Always try to remember your priority of learning language. If not you can take help of your tutor to help you set your goals.
    If you don’t have any specific goals, then try to list out all the benefits of learning Spanish. Have a look at the list quite often. It enables you to show much interest.
  • Try to do some research in the particular language you are learning in order to stay focused and to gain much interest. If you are aware of the fact that you are learning a language of great history and culture, it would give you a feeling of self satisfaction.
  • Keep track on where you are in the process of learning the language. Evaluating the progress of learning the language helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Forget your native language till the end of the course. Try to think in the learning language and speak in it, even though you are doing it wrong. Learn a language as a whole new subject, which leaves you with a unique learning experience.
  • Try to teach whatever you have learned to your friends or family members. Teaching always motivates us and make us find more as we are supposed to explain it to other in a much better way.

These are the few tips which can help you to be an active learner. Self motivation is the best thing which keeps you focused on whatever you are learning.

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