How to Take Proper Care of Your Mobile Phones

By | March 19, 2012

Many individuals spend much amount of money to buy a high featured mobile phone. So there is a need for the mobile user to take proper care of the mobile. Many times mobiles get some problems like display damage, speaker damage, virus infection and battery damage. Having mobile is not special thing, it is normal like having a wallet or purse. On the other hand maintaining cell phone is not cheap and you have to take proper care of mobile in order to make it last for a long time. Every mobile user need to know few simple tips to take care of their mobile. Here are few tips to make mobile last for long time.

1. Do not drop, sit on or do not stick any sticker to the mobile, to make it attractive. Keep the display always clean and dry.
2. Keep the mobile in a safe place, whenever you don’t use.
3. Do not keep the mobile near to kids and pets, because they might damage the mobile, by removing antenna or dragging on the floor.
4. If you have high expensive mobile phone, be aware of thieves and pick pocketers. Do not leave it any where you want and do not showing it off to everyone.
5. Keep the mobile phone with you only, no one is responsible for your mobile if you leave some where.
6. Do not use the mobile without knowing anything, like if you do not know how to use blue tooth, read the manual carefully before using the blue tooth option.
7. Do not put the charger plug in for much time. Do not put charging for more than the time mentioned in the manual. Many mobile phone companies mention maximum charging time of 12 hours at home and 1 hour in car.
8. Do not put charging in a car while turning ignition, because it causes harm to the battery.
9. Do not put phone in pockets and in bags, if they carry cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and oil. Some times they can leak and affect your phone.
10. Turn off the blue tooth, data transfer devices like Wi Fi and any Internet access options after the use. If you keep it on, some times your mobile gets virus effected.
11. Do not leave your mobile in a car over night or in extreme hot or cold places, like in freeze. Mobile phones are very sensible to the hot and cold weather.

By following all the above tips you can take care of your mobile phones.

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