Be Aware of Some Popular Programming Languages

By | March 27, 2012

In writing computer program, programing language is very important, many computer programing languages are available with its different standards and functions. These programing languages provide different facilities to program writers.

Here you learn something about few demanded and most useful programming languages (according to experts alumni data)

Java: Java is more demanded programming language than any other program language. Many of the programmers use Java in their regular program writing. Java is an object oriented programing language. It has more robotic security facility. It is well known for its high performance. Java has the automatic memory management more than the other languages.

C#: It is also demanded programing language after the Java, it is influenced by the Java. It is also an object oriented programing language. C# has many features like it is imperative and structured, it has more functions, it is more secured programing language.

C++: It is a general purpose language. It is also known as a middle level programing language, because it is a combination of high level and lower level languages. C++ is not safer in all its applications. As at the same time many users use it in many program developments.

Java script: It is also an object oriented like Java but it has less performing. This language mostly performs at web browsing applications. It is also a simple programming language in commands and easier at coding.

PHP: It is very famous for web development. It is used to produce more dynamic web pages. This programing language is also influenced by the C and Java.

Objective-C: C language is a standardized programming language, it is object oriented language. It is a basic language for many other languages.

Programmers using many other programing languages including above ones, programs like Perl, Python, Ruby etc.

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