Which Plants Can be Grown Under a Glass Cloche?

By | March 30, 2012

Miniature GardenCreating a beautiful garden in your home improves the beauty and value of your home. Different types of plantings like flowering shrubs, herbs and fruit trees can be included in your garden. However, protection is required for certain types of plants. Garden cloches are the protective covers for plants. Different styles of garden cloches like Victorian styled, bell shaped and tunnel shaped ones can be used to protect the garden plants.

Any small plant which requires warmth and humidity should be covered by a glass cloche. Most of the young and tender plants require warmth and consistent nurturing environment, especially during early spring and late fall. For starting seedlings, a warm area has to be provided under a cloche. They are later transferred to the outside area.

Certain flowering plants like African violets can be grown under a glass cloche. They are showy plants which bloom for a certain period of time and struggle for surviving. They may bloom often, if not continuously when they are grown under a glass cloche which provides humid conditions and consistent warmth. However, it has to be ensured that proper ventilation is provided for the plants.

Fairy gardensEven small ferns requiring warm and moist conditions can be grown under glass cloches. But, too much sunlight may kill the delicate ferns. Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cabbage and so on are the plants which need cloches for growing. Apart from these, cloches are used to grow strawberries, cauliflowers, beans, and melons. So, when you are planning to grow these plants in your garden, do not forget to use a glass cloche for ensuring their effective growth and protection.

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