Apart from Educational Topics What are the Other Activities Taught Online?

By | March 5, 2012

Online tutorials are not only meant for education, they also provide teaching topics that are related for fun and enjoyment. Some of them are chess, puzzles, guitar, drawing, music, piano, keyboard typing.

The websites provide a well structured and well written lessons for learning chess for beginners, intermediate players and experts. They provide basic rules of the game and if the fundamentals are known one can play chess online with people all over the world with the help of an online chess server on the website.

To learn guitar choose the sites that provide a series of guitar lessons with guitar tab, guitar scales and riffs, mp3 audio with popular songs to practice how to learn and play your favorite music.

Online drawing tutorials on the web are helpful for kids and adults. They provide important lessons to get you started. With the aid of gestures the tutor will show how to draw an image and complete it. Popular drawing lessons for kids teach them how to draw facial images, cars, animals and some professional art.

Solving online puzzles and games can also be taught using online tutorials.

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