Have a Cloche for your Garden Plants

By | March 30, 2012

All of us wish to create a beautiful garden in our home. But, many people neglect to take proper care and maintenance of the plants making your garden look dull. A little bit care for their protection and survival is necessary. A garden cloche serves for the decoration and even protection purposes.

Fairy gardenA garden cloche is an alternate term for a bell jar. A bell jar is placed on a set of collectibles, usually plants, for display. Garden cloches, which are the protective covers for plants, are placed over young plants in order to protect them from insects and harsh weather. However, do not confuse between greenhouses and cloches. A cloche is placed over the plants in their existing position. Whereas, the plants are to be potted and placed inside in case of greenhouses and cold frames.

Generally, garden cloches are made of glass and are usually bell shaped. However, they are now made of different clear materials. They are even available in various designs and you can choose them based on your plant requirements. Various alternatives like recycling bottles or jars, glass bottles and metal or wooden frames with plastic sheeting can be used for your garden plants.

Garden cloches protect your plants from harsh weather elements like cold, strong winds and frosts. They even prevent the damage of your young garden plants by caterpillars, and other insects and pests. A few plants can be covered with tunnel designed cloches. They even warm up the soil encouraging early germination. A garden cloche is worth for protecting your plants and provide a blooming and successful garden.

Fairy garden

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