What Can Be Checked by Using Website Monitoring

By | March 15, 2012

website monitoring serviceWebsite monitoring service can check various types of protocol such as HTTP pages, HTTPS, FTP, SMTPPOP3, IMAP, SSH,TELNET, SSL,TCP,PING, SSL Certificate Expiry, Domain Name Expiry and a range of other ports for every minute in a duration of four hours. Generally, most of the website monitoring services check your server between once-per hour to once-per-minute.

Based on browser addons, plug ins and other advanced services monitoring is offered with the use of website monitoring services. The services detect browser specific issues such as javascript, html and also control large number of web browsers remotely
Website monitoring also checks functions such as credit card payment processing gateways and advertising networks.

Website monitoring service also detects failures in the Internet services of your system.

Through website monitoring we can track the Internet conditions around the globe from time to time. By tracking such conditions in real-time we can identify various regions in which there are greatest visitors accessing the website and places that have slowest web connections and areas with most web traffic on the internet.

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