Alcohol Use Before Bed Time Causes Insomnia

By | March 31, 2012

Till now people thought that alcohol acts as a sedative and makes people sleep for hours and hours. But a new study revealed that even though it causes sleep initially, using it before bed time causes insomnia during the late hours. This simply means, even though it causes sleep in the initial stages later it leads to sleeplessness during the rest of the night.

According to the report released by Daily Express, the research included conducting tests on students who were given a series of alcoholic drinks of varying strength an hour and 40 minutes before going to bed. They have recorded the activity of their heart and brain each time. The result of the report is the students rested sleepless and disturbed all through the night and are highly exhausted.

It was found from this research that alcohol suppresses the parasympathetic nerve activity, which is a part of the automatic and non voluntary nervous system that slows down the heart rate. The study leaders also expressed the same saying that even though alcohol makes us feel good at the beginning, it further leads to insomnia rather than good sleep.

However, these findings are true in case of people consuming alcohol at small quantities. But for those who are taking alcohol in relatively large quantities will have a better quality sleep, which further lead to chronic disorders.

This study is like an eye opener for many beginners, who might have a feeling that alcohol intake will let them have a sound sleep, so that they can forget all their worries. Once it results in insomnia, people tend to abuse alcohol more again to get that drowsy effect which leads to higher intake of alcohol and leaves the abuser in severe health problems.

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