Various Types of Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

By | January 16, 2012

As the wedding couples are the center of attraction on the day of wedding, they take much care about their appearance. They become more specific about their dress and the make up. As bride grooms dressing is limited, they have not much to experiment with their looks. But coming to the brides, they have numerous options to experiment with their looks. They can have a traditional look or modern look or a classic look. Whatever, look they opt they have to work on numerous aspects to make that look work for them.

Among the various aspects that contribute to the beautiful look of the bride on the special day, hair style is one of them. There are different types of hair style available for the brides based on the facial cuts of the bride, dressing, type of hair, theme of the wedding ceremony etc.

We here have mentioned few different bridal hair styles that help in enhancing the look of the bride.

Curly hairstyles: This style is mostly suitable for the brides who have longer hairs, longer than half of their back. The hair stylists when making this hair style have to cut the long hairs so as to make it shorter. The length of the hairs are made to remain just above the shoulders. This hair style can be made more attractive by wearing a head band, pearls and jewels on the head.

Ponytail: Some brides opt for a simple hair style. Pony tail is the best suited hair style for them. They can make the look simple yet attractive by asking the hair stylist to decorate the hairs with flowers and gorgeous hair clips. This hairstyle is more suitable for curly hair and straight hair.

Side ponytail: Ponytail hairstyle looks more attractive when you tie it to one side. It can be made even more attractive by adding flowers or any other accessories. This is very suitable for the brides who have long hairs or shoulder length hairs.

Short hairstyle: Short hairs also look pretty for the brides. Just beautify it with a stylish hair band and you are done with your hair styling.

Avante grade  hairstyle: This is the suitable hairstyle for the brides who are not confortable with traditional hair styles or for the ones who want to experiment wioth modern and new hair styles. This is a daring hairstyle which does not suit all the brides. Some celebrity brides use this hairstyle at their wedding.

Most of the brides maintain traditional hairstyles which gives more attraction on their wedding ceremony. But modern hair styles too cant be ruled out if perfectly matched with the dress and theme. Hence, get the right style as per your taste and occasion.

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