Importance of Pre – Nuptial Agreements

By | January 7, 2012

A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract made by people intending to marry prior to marriage. The legal laws vary in different states and countries and whether they will enforce such agreements. The pre-nuptial agreement deals with how a couple handles the financial aspects of marriage. If you find yourself in unfortunate divorce the pre-nuptial agreement eliminates the battles over assets and finances. An advantage of pre-nuptial agreements is financial wellbeing of your children. The distribution of wealth to your children of your first marriage in case of divorce or death can be included in the pre-nuptial agreement.

Pre-nuptial agreements can preserve family bonds. Having a honest financial discussion prior to wedding may bring a positive experience. If you are marrying someone who has a substantial debt and you don’t want to be responsible if your marriage ends, pre-nuptial agreements ensure that this does not happen. A pre-nuptial agreement ensures that your partner is marrying you and not for your money.

People want to take control of their lives and many people are unhappy with the way divorce law works and they don’t want to leave it in the hands of government. Agreements must be in writing and should be acceptable by both parties. Discuss the agreements before marriage and don’t try to hide your thoughts, feelings and assets.

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