How to Use Multi-panel Urine Drug Test Strips

By | January 23, 2012

Multi-panel drug test kits are very useful for detecting multiple drugs in the human system. In case if we are not aware about the kind of drug the person is abusing, but still want to know the presence of the drug metabolites in the body multi-panel drug testing is the only solution. Multi-panel drug test kits include two types of test kits – one is multi-panel strips and other is multi-panel cups. Both are used to detect 2-12 different combination of drugs depending on the design of the device. However, 5-panel drug test kits are found to be most popularly used test kits, as they are designed to detect the most popularly used drugs as approved by SAMSHA and are popularly called as SAMSHA-5.

Process Involved:

  • Many companies these days are offering multi-panel drug test kits along with the specimen collection cup. In case, if it is not provided use a sterilized plastic container to collect the sample.
  • Collect the urine sample in the urine cup, a minimum quantity of 30ml, so that the strips are dipped into it.
  • Conduct the test at room temperatures so that the temperature of the room will not affect the collected sample.
  • Now take the test device, which is nothing but your multi-panel drug test strip from the pouch.
  • Hold the one side of the strip which do not have the absorbent areas, and with the help of other hand remove the cap on the other side.
  • Now dip this device in to the collected urine sample, and make sure that the urine level is not crossing the ‘MAX’ line printed on the device. Hold it for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds remove the device and lay it on a flat clean, dry, and non-absorbent area.
  • See the time and read the results exactly at 5 minutes after removing the strip from the sample. Never read the results after 5 minutes.
  • Check the results according to the instructions given in the booklet.

If the result comes positive, don’t panic as there is a chance of false positives to happen due to couple of reasons. Hence, it is recommended to confirm it by sending the sample to the laboratory for further confirmation.

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