Essential Oil Re-fresheners to Purify Air and to Provide Freshness

By | January 25, 2012

Air re-fresheners are commonly used in every household to get a refreshing aroma all around. They just provide a nice smell and do a little of their effort to freshen the air. If the aromas used in those re fresheners do some additional and beneficial work apart from providing regular fragrance, then they are definitely aromatherapy air diffusers. Aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from different parts of the plants which have both medicinal and therapeutic benefits. These oils when inhaled give us a soothing effect by relaxing the senses. Some oils also have some medicinal properties and can relieve us from physical and mental disorders making their use more functional.

So, if you are getting dual benefits from a single product then it is worth going for that product than the regular ones. Aromatherapy air fresheners enable the essential oil molecules to spread in to the air and once they are inhaled they provide their healing benefits. They also purify the air by eliminating the impurities in the air and hence make our living environment more healthy.

Among all the oils which are used to treat different ailments, there are few which are especially used in air re fresheners, because of their unique qualities. Commonly used oils are Geranium oil, citronella, Frankincense oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus, peppermint, bergamot, orange, sandalwood and lot more.

Instead of using regular ready made aromatherapy room re fresheners, we can make our own air and room re fresheners by following simple and easy techniques. Since these oils are highly concentrated a single drop of essential oil makes a lot of difference in the entire living area. You can place few drops of any oil of your choice on a piece of absorbent material and can drop them at different places near or on the radiators. During evenings we can put a drop of essential oil in the melted candle wax of the lighted candle around the flame close to the wick, so that till the time the candle lights the fragrance continues. You can also use them in your room sprays or just mix few drops in water and spray them all around.

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