How Does Employee Drug Testing Ensure Safety?

By | January 7, 2012

A drug-free workplace program is arranged by most of the organizations today in order to ensure safety. Employee drug testing helps to identify employees abusing illicit drugs and alcohol. Let’s know how the drug testing ensures safety.

Drug abusing individuals suffer from various physical and mental health issues. They are associated with lack of memory, improper concentration, physical imbalance and so on. These issues may rise the safety-risk to him or herself, co-employees, or public. For instance, a drug abusing employee may be responsible for an on-site job accident which may be a risk to his own health. Also, such employees are linked with violent and aggressive behavior. They may be engaged in theft and crime-related issues. This rises the safety concerns of co-workers of the organization. Conducting drug tests on employees can detect the substance abuse problems at workplace. It gives a chance to control these problems and thus, ensures safety.

Conducting drug tests on drivers of heavy vehicles is more helpful. As said, lack of concentration and memory, physical imbalance, inability to act promptly, etc. are evident with drug abusing drivers. So, their driving skills are badly affected leading to many fatal accidents. In order to avoid such accidents and ensure safety, they have to be tested for drug and alcohol abuse. In particular, drug testing is very much essential for air traffic controllers, train drivers, pilots, ambulance drivers, bus drivers and quarry workers. Multi-panel drug test kits which can detect the presence of multiple drugs at a time are preferable to use at workplaces. Handy alcohol breathalyzers are used for finding the alcohol abusing drivers by the officials.

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