Need for Advertisers to Focus on Tablets

By | January 11, 2012

Advertising is a tool which helps a firm to attract its customers and allow them to purchase their products and services. Mobile advertising is a new form of advertising which promotes advertising through mobile phones or other mobile devices. Nowadays, tablets have become favorite for people in the US. Tablets provide a rich platform for advertisers.

According to the details from In-Stat, about 12% of the US consumers aged 8 and above own or use tablets. As per the research of the Online Publishers Association (OPA), tablets are used for many purposes. The OPA and Frank N. Magid Associates report finds that most of the tablet users are connecting to access content. About 93% use it for applications. Around 79% of the application downloaders paid for content in 2010 providing a great opportunity for publishers to generate new revenue streams.

Tablet users prefer to read printed media, entertainment news and financial information. Tablets can be used for multiple functions like surfing the web, viewing video clips, watching television, creating work documents and so on. However, in order to have a true reading experience, some people go with e-reader. As per the In-Stat’s research, the tablet manufacturers should propose some adjustments so that the devices are multifunctional. The In-Stat forecasts that table shipments will outpace e-reader shipments by the end of 2011.

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