Three Major Types of Tablecloths and Their Maintenance

By | December 20, 2011

Tablecloths are the most common things which are frequently seen in our houses and also in different restaurants. They are mainly used to protect the finishing and the material of the table from the stains caused due to different dishes and hence making the tables life even more longer.

Many things are being served on the tables starting from the starters till the deserts. One might be hotter, the other might be too cool. These things affect the texture and the material of the table. Hence tablecloths are necessary to protect the tables.

Basically there are three types of materials with which the tablecloths are made. They are the cotton, polyester and the linen. There is also one other tablecloth which is made from the blend of cotton and polyester.

Cotton tablecloths are highly durable and are easily washable. You can get them in more lesser price. Polyester tablecloths are also durable and are maintenance free. They last for longer times but they are a little bit slippery. Linen is also the best fabric used in the manufacture of tablecloths, it gives a nice pleasant look to the table.

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